Vineyards Habsburg

Vineyards Habsburg  is a partner company of Winery Habsburg  established for the purpose of an alternative way of investing, i. e public subscription for the lowest risk shares, through the purchase of vineyards needed for grape production. In addition to wine production, viticulture is a related field. This is an ideal combination, as the wine producer will have a source of grapes production and the winegrowing company will have a guaranteed sale.

The terms viticulture and vineyards are easily confused because they are used collectively for the cultivation of vines.

Viticulture refers only to the vineyard and work on it.

Winery is a broader term and refers to the whole process of wine preparation, i. e from cultivation to production.

You can invest in both parts of the company at the same time or choose only one of them.

We offer investments in the company’s shares, which may bring you dividends in the future, the amount of which according to estimates, can be considered above standard. The combination of wine production (Habsburg Winery) and vineyards (Habsburg Vineyards) can thus bring an effective return on investments that are known in the world and very popular among many investors. The limited size and growth of vineyards is a high precondition for the sustainable development of the value of vineyards and their investment potential. As well as the cultivation of wine up to its production. This is the opportunity brought to you by Vineyards Habsburg and Winery Habsburg.

Invest wisely and safely in values such as land and vineyards.

How does it work?

The Board of Directors of the Company approved an increase in the share capital by the amount of EUR 3 505 300 by issuing 35 053 registered ordinary shares in paper form, each with a nominal value of EUR 100
Akcie sú ponúkané za emisný kurz, ktorý je totožný s ich menovitou hodnotou, t.j. za emisný kurz vo výške 100 EUR za jednu akciu.
The shares are offered at an issue price that is identical to their nominal value, i. e for an issue price of EUR 100 per share.

Step by Step

Decide how many shares you want to buy
The shares are issued at an issue price that is identical to their nominal value, i. e. for an issue price of EUR 100 per share. The number of share subscriptions is limited only by the number of remaining, unpaid shares, you can buy one share or ten.
Fill in and sign the Written Statement of the Shareholder's Will
First you have to download, fill in, sign and send us the so-called A written expression of the will of the shareholder, which you can download by clicking on the button below this text. If you are not sure about filling in the Written Expression of the Shareholder's Will, after clicking on this link you will find a completed model.
Send us the completed form electronically
You can upload the completed and signed written expression of the shareholder's will here

    or send it to us at the e-mail address [email protected]
    We also need the original, which you can send us by post
    Send us a completed and signed written expression of the will of the shareholder to the company's registered office at the address: Vinárstvo Habsburg, Palárikova 3, 908 51 Holíč.
    Funds for subscription of shares must be sent within 5 days
    It is necessary to ensure the allocation of funds corresponding to the number of subscribed shares within five working days from the signing of the speech.
    Now it's our turn
    As soon as it arrives at the headquarters of Winery Habsburg a.s. your duly completed and signed expression of will, we match it with your payment and you become a shareholder. We will send you a Confirmation of redemption of the share issue price to your correspondence address specified in the Written Statement of Will.
    And at the end...
    At the end of the subscription period, i. e On 7.12.2021, the registered capital of the company will be increased by the subscribed shares and we will issue you paper shares, which we will send to your correspondence address.



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    +421 948 931 139